First blog post! (01-12-2022)

We just got a new neocities website! The old one is still up @ And no, we are NOT changing our name EVER again!
Anyway, we're working on a new game! Stay tuned!
Oh, we're sorry, allow me to introduce ourselves. This is Minitour Studios. Founded by Aleph in 2018 during, well, darker times. We went through numerous name changes before finally becoming Minitour.

A new show, and some descriptions of the characters (01-13-2022)

We’re working on a new animated web series (that’s short) for our new brand “mini bites” called “Somewhere, USA”! We may not use Flash, as there is this thing called Scratch that can also make animations and games, like Flash! (Fun fact: Scratch can be used for professional uses.)
Here’s a preview of a storyboard we made :

Malrodoth - A ragdoll possessed by a demon, also a nice fun-loving person, he likes hot dogs, reading, and being creative.
Rachel - She thinks she’s a monster. Well, at least after she got into a car crash. After taking off her bandage she didn’t see flesh, but, well, something. She was scared and she kept thinking she was a monster. She may be a demigod. She may have not paid her taxes.
But hey, that’s just a theory! A Gay Theory! Right? Oh, right, the storyboard shows her joking about it.
Nate - Other than looking like a TF2 reject (valve please, PLEASE update tf2 or i will go insane) (because of the gas mask he always wears), Nate Goodman is a man… no… a bull? No, that’s what Gordon is… um… a thingamajig, who is a little bit shy when it comes to taking off his mask and being with the ladies. He also likes ducks for some reason.
Gordon - A minotaur who has bad temper (and bad eyesight if you will), Gordon is a little bit on the skeptical and smart-(REDACTED) side. You can see him reading sometimes, of course, with glasses on.

Episodes Planned

Episode 1 (Hot Dog) - In Production
Episode 2 (Candy Bar)
Episode 3 (McDongels)
Episode 4 (TBA)
More coming soon from the show! As always, stay tuned, and this is Aleph signing off!